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  1. WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP? performance with Ilze Pavare. performance trying to research sadomasochistic nature of friendship. Aleponija, Riga, December 2023

  2. BLACK ORGASM performance with Ilze Pavāre. Performance trying to research dualism between spiritual and physical dimentions of sexual experience. Aleponija, Riga, August 2023

    Photos by Ieva Viese-Vigula

  3. MUTATING IDENTITIES performance with Māra Ulme - the intention of the artists is to study the cooperation and interaction of composite organisms through hybridity and symbiosis.Performance festival Starptelpa, Arts Academy of Latvia, June 2023

    Photos by Vladlena Savelova

  4. BLINDNESS performance with Ilze Pavāre participation. Poetic performance at the opening of Poetry Days festival in Riga, Latvia, September 2022, NOASS. The performance explores intellectual blindness - indifference that can lead a person to irresponsibility, which can have tragic consequences.

  5. DANAЁ is a performance, premiered at MASA gallery, July 2022. Performance is on the role of women in modern society, while a woman's relative "value" or "capital" either decreases or increases, a woman's fate is formed in relation to the fluctuations of these financial flows - a woman is perceived as a "commodity" in the free market, and it is important to know , whether funds should be invested in such a "product", or whether this "good" can become an object of necropolitics. The author refers to the ideas of Karl Marx on the circulation of capital, the ideas of Michel Foucault on biopolitics and the ideas of the modern philosopher Paul B. Precciado on the pharmacopornographic regime of advanced capitalism.

  6. Live performance with Marcik Butler (DUBNA) at Totaldobže 22.06.22 visuals Kimberley Bianca (Disaster Girl)

  7. Performance "Naivete" by Jelena Glazova and Anna Štefane - dedicated to presentation of Jelena Glazova's book "Naivete", performed at gallery MASA, Riga, 3 February, 2022

  8. "Communist body/Capitalist body" performance in collaboration with British poet Mischa Foster Poole, performed at European Poetry Festival, London, November 29, 2021. Photos by Madeleine Rose Elliott

    The title refers to Marina Abramovic classic performance "Communist body/Fascict body" from the 1970ies, artists wanted to accent the difference of origin of both authors (Jelena born in USSR and Mischa in UK), also using their bodies deliberately the way to create physical obstacles, which need to be overcome in the reading process.

  9. Performance in Vilnius for 100 years of Wittgenstein's Traktatus - "In the labyrinth of Perfect language" 25/11/21 in Sodas2123 space, Vilnius

    For performance in Vilnius on the 25th of November, Jelena prepared a special set, based on research of Philosophical Investigations of Ludwig Wittgenstein that consists of deconstructed poetic dialogues, performed by processed voice, the replicas build a massive soundscape, consisting of many overlapping layers and resulting into a solid sound wall.

  10. Performance “Diсtatorship of poetry” (11/09/2021 at gallery Smilka) by Eriks Naivo and Jelena Glazova studies self-imposed diсtatorship of individual against themself, using such media as poetry, visual art and elements of insttallation.

    Poetry by Eriks Naivo, Jelena Glazova

    Music by Jelena Glazova

    Collages and mixed media drawings: Eriks Naivo, Jelena Glazova

  11. Performance "Perfect Language" with Anna Štefane on 16/07/21 at Alksnājs gallery, Riga

    Performance was dedicated to exhibition opening by Jelena Glazova "Perfect Language" (July, 2021)

  12. "Sexual Capital" is performance premiered at Starptelpa performance festival in Riga, Latvia, on 11/06/21. There are two performers - Jelena Glazova and Anna Štefane.
    Performance is inspired by M.Foucault ideas and works by K. Marx, that touch the topic of women's sexual role in society and her "sexual capital" that could grow and decrease. Women, taking part in performance, demonstrate ritual that reflects the game of biopolitical power.

    Concept, music, poetry - Jelena Glazova

  13. Performances in 2020: live at Arsenals exhibition hall with sci-fi poetry/soundscapes, exhibition Unexpected encounters, organised by Latvian Contemporary Art Centre, January;

    Live at Kaunas Artists' House, XAW event series, Kaunas, August;

    Live at NU performance festival, performance GREED with poetic texts/soundscapes, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn, November. The piece GREED incorporates a sonic landscape born out of recited poems. It all begins with sounds made by reading pieces of poems from poetry collection GREED (Riga, 2019). The sound is triggered by the speech and grows into a massive, overwhelming canvas of sounds.

  14. Live with Leo Lobrev at Big Guild, Riga, White night festival, September 2019.

    Visuals by Vktors Keino, photo: Anna Laine.

  15. Collaboration with artist Vika Eksta - performance "Nebula Within" at Riga Performance Festival, Riga, June 2018

    Photos: Paulis Jakušonoks, Vika Eksta, Jeļena Glazova, Igors Gubenko, Anna Laine

    Performance is an artistic research on psychological reaction on sexual and psychological violence and individual practices of escapism that lead to disassociation and destruction of one's identity. It is inspired by a personality and tragic life story of the sister of Vika's grandmother Zonia who was deported to Germany for a forced labour as a teenager. Several years after returning home mental disorders started and followed her throughout her eighty five years long life. Zonia lives in several universes and sometimes her behavior was incomprehensible but she was very close person to Vika since childhood and inspired her for many interesting things. Sound space of the performance is based on the archive of vinyl records of “Big Medicine encyclopaedia” that was produced at the time when Zonia's mental illness was diagnosed - in the end of 1950s – beginning of 1960s.

    Performance is created and performed by Vika Eksta and Jeļena Glazova.

  16. Live at D27, visuals by VJ Oore

    Photos: stills from video by Valters Mednieks

  17. Live at Kolonia Artystow gallery, Gdansk (PL), visuals by Viktors Keino, December 2016

    Photo by Sylwester Galuschka

  18. Live at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Modern Art, Berlin, 28/10/17, Fishing for Islands programme

    Video stills credits - Dian Zagorchinov for TBA21–Academy

    Photos credits - Leslie Ranzoni for TBA21–Academy

  19. Live at Kyiv poetry week opening night, Plivka club, Kyiv, April 2017

  20. Live with Ieva Balode (expanded cinema) at KGB house, White night art forum, Riga and Process festival at KKC, Riga, September 2016 and March 2017

  21. Live at Kaliningrad cathedral, visuals by Viktors Keino, Kaliningrad (RU), organised by NCCA-Kaliningrad branch, August 19, 2016

    Photo: Julia Alekseeva

  22. Live in Kaliningrad at Art Gates gallery, visuals Viktors Keino, Sound Art Lab fest, August 2016

    Photo: Zina Shershun

  23. Live at Anglican church, Churches' night festival, Riga, June 2016

    Collaboration with VJ Viktors Keino/ live solo and duo with DUBNA (Māris Butlers)

    Photo: Ksenia Kolesnikova, Igors Gubenko

  24. Performance "Victims of Multitasking" in collaboration with Arturs Punte (Orbita) during Poetry Days - 2015, September 2015, KKC, Riga

    Poetry/ sound art/ video streaming performance. Simultaneous reading of poems, creation of soundscapes (using custom-made sound boxes with pedals for toes), writing of poem by both participants, video streaming.

    Photo: Herta

  25. Performance participation with Kiwa Noid (EE) at ;PARANOIA (EE) publishing house showcase at Riga Poetry map concert, Riga, Gertrudes ielas theatre, December 11, 2014

    Photo: Gabriela Livimagi

  26. Live at Fulldozer festival in a duo with Grigory Avrorin (RU), September 2014, Saint Petersburg

  27. Live at KUMU modern art museum of Estonia, with Zane Raudina visuals, finissage of Out of Sync sound art exhibition, January 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

  28. Live at Art's Birthday with Zane Raudina visuals, Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, January 12, 2013

    Photo by Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio

  29. Alexei Borisov and Jelena Glazova live at Erarta, Saint Petersburg, November 9, 2013

  30. Live with Zane Raudina (visuals), Totaldobzhe Art Centre, Riga, September 12, 2013

  31. Live at ExperiMontag with Zane Raudina visuals, Madame Claude, Berlin, March 11, 2013

    Photos by Derek Holzer

  32. Live at Studio Loos with Erwin van Deutekom visuals, The Hague, March 28, 2013

  33. Live in Anglican church with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Skaņu Mežs (Sound Forest) festival anniversary final event, Riga, Latvia, 29th of November, 2012

    Photos by Kristīne Veinberga (

  34. Live with Latvian poet Edvins Raups at Skaņu Mežs festival, poetry/music project "Vārdrūme" (Wordspace), Latvian Radio Studio 1, Riga, October 6, 2012

  35. Live at Vilnius Noise Week, didecated to John Cage's 100th birthday, Venclova's House-Museum, Vilnius, September 5, 2012

    Photos by Agne and Shoot + Paste

  36. Live at Skaņu Mežs (Sound Forest) festival w/Zane Raudiņa visuals at Nauda, Riga, Latvia, September 1, 2012

    Photos and video by Zane Raudiņa

  37. "Reborn" video by Zane Raudina, sound by Jelena Glazova, created for Waterpieces festival screening, Riga, August 2012

  38. Live collaboration - noise improvisation with Derek Holzer, Riga, March 2012