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  1. Jelena Glazova

    Sound artist/visual artist and a poet based in Riga, Latvia. Working in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art, combining in her works image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation.

    Experimental music activity field - noise/drone, usually constructed from processed vocals.  

  2. jelena.glazova [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Artist's Statement and short bio:

    "I am interested in perception and possibility of different readings of the same work, I search for perceptive switch possibilities that could arise from juxtaposition of media, such as text, image and sound.

    I am also preoccupied with the issue of physicality and individual's physical identification in private/public space, that's why I often use myself as a source of material for work.

    As a conceptual sound artist I am primarily using my voice as a generator, heavily altering it and manipulating with a help of digital processing. I consider that type of vocal elements deconstruction as a form of expressing unpronounced speech - connecting it with my practice as a poet. As a visual artist I am often dealing with physicality, which is also a basis of my work as a sound artist."

    Conceptual justification: Sound approach – experimental/ drone/ noise/ambient as a form. As a conceptual artist primarily working with filtered recordings – usually her own voice (as a generator) or other conceptually-justified material (voice as a material is justified due to practice as a poet), heavily altering it and manipulating it with the help of digital processing. Considering voice processing to be a kind of deconstruction of vocal elements – a form of expressing unpronounced speech (as a metaphor for individual’s sub-consciousness) – connecting it with practice as a poet and the issue of physicality (preoccupied with in her practice as an artist, physicality also serves as a main basis for her sound art practice). Formally, technique is inspired by the sound poetry tradition of using the human voice, having roots in Dadaism and Futurism. Drone/noise (drone as an archaic form, ancient Near East etc.) form is a metaphor for an eternally-flowing development of “primary” matter versus human body development (at the macrocosmic/ microcosmic levels). Combining interest in postmodernism with its collage aesthetics and deconstruction practices and interest in Eastern philosophy with the concepts of nothingness and eternal development; for example - deconstruction/fragmentation practice (methodologically – granular synthesis as a digital processing) as a one of the metaphors reflecting concept of unsustainability of elements, as a non-existence of individual as an indivisible substance, but a chain of perceptive phenomena (David Hume – buddhism connection).

    As a visual artist Jelena had 8 solo exhibitions, including solo shows at Latvian Museum of Photography (2010) and Latvian Contemporary Art Centre (LMC) (2011), participated in numerous group exhibitions, festivals and projects in Latvia, Russia, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, South Korea, Canada and other countries. As a poet she participates in poetry festvals and has numerous publications. Jelena is the author of 3 books of poetry. First book "Transfers" (2013, in Russian and Latvian) was nominated for Latvian Annual Literary Award (LALIGABA), second book "Plasma" (2014) was published in Estonia in Estonian and English, third book "Greed" was published in 2019 and was nominated for Latvian Poetry Days Award. Jelena's poetry is translated into Latvian, English, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Hungarian languages.

    As a sound artist started performing in 2012 – she performed at experimental music and sound art festivals and contributed to art projects – at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art (Berlin, Germany), BOZAR (Brussels, Belgium), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, Spain), Sound around Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad, Russia), Noise and Fury (Moscow, Russia), Poetronica (Moscow, Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Vilnius, Lithuania), adventurous music festival Skaņu Mežs (Riga, Latvia), electronic music festival Art's Birthday (Stockholm, Sweden), Vienna Art Week (Vienna, Austria) etc.  She was as a guest composer at EMS Stockholm, WORM Rotterdam, etc.  

    Jelena has chosen experimental and drone/noise/ambient form of expression after disappointment with tonal music, as she did not find it creative enough as a form of expression (she was playing few instruments and had classical vocal training, as adolescent performed parts in children’s operas).

    She became interested in philosophical issues of sound self-sustainability (John Cage, La Monte Young etc.), historical origins of drone music (Ancient Eastern musical tradition), minimalism, especially mentioning inspiration from work of Eliane Radigue (an example of combining Eastern philosophy with the Western minimalist practices) and 20th century avant-garde and experimental music tradition. Jelena considers drone as a metaphor for eternal flowing development of “primordial”, “primary” matter on macrocosmic level as opposed to human body development’s physicality. Her sound is also formally inspired by sound poetry tradition of using human voice (dadaism, futurism practices) that is linking her sound work with her work as a poet.

    She combines interest in postmodernism with its collage aesthetics and deconstruction practices (obtained BA at Latvian Academy of Culture with work on postmodernism in audiovisual culture) and interest in Eastern philosophy with the concepts of nothingness and eternal development.

  4. Education:

    2021 - University of Latvia, Philosophy programme, MA studies

    2013 - Art Academy of Latvia, PhD studies

    2011 - 2013 - Art Academy of Latvia, Visual Communication department, MA, Riga, Latvia

  5. Selected exhibitions:

    2024 Poetry and Performance in Prague Hvězda Palace, from 17 June

    2022 DANAE solo exhibition, gallery MASA, July

    2021-22 Poetry and Performance at Dnipro Centre for Contemporary Culture, Dnipro, Ukraine (25.11.2021-12.02.2022)

    2021 PERFECT LANGUAGE - solo exhibition at Alksnājs residency (Free Riga), Riga, July

    2020-21 Poetry and Performance in Liberec Regional Gallery (Czech Republic) December 2020 - May 2021

    2020 Female Moebius strip video installation, Alksnājs residency gallery, Riga, November

    2020 Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, group exhibition POETRY & PERFORMANCE, Wroclaw, Poland, March - June 2020

    2019 MOTORENHALLE, Project centre for contemporary art, group exhibition POETRY & PERFORMANCE, Dresden, Germany, April - July 2019

    2018 BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts group exhibition SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Contemporary Art Scenes in Europe, Brussels, Belgium, June - August 2018

    2014 kim? contemporary art centre group exhibition SALONS, Riga, Latvia

    2013 SOURCE OF IRRITATION, audiovisual installation, LMA, Riga, Latvia

    2012 FURNITURE KARAOKE, audiovisual installation, Riga Poetry Days, Riga, Latvia

    2011 A MAN ENTERS A GREY CUBE, solo exhibition, OSIS, Riga, Latvia

    2011 ELEMENTS OF A PUZZLE, solo exhibition, Latvian Contemporary Art Centre LCCA, Riga, Latvia

    2010 COMMENTS, group exhibition, KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia

    2010 IDENTIFICATION OF A WOMAN, solo exhibition, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga, Latvia

  6. Books:

    2024 GREED/NAIVETE in Lithuanian, Vilnius (upcoming)

    2023 NAIVETE in Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary

    2023 Selected poems in Polish, Wroclaw, Poland

    2022 GREED in Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary

    2021 NAIVETE NAIVUMS/НАИВНОСТЬ - bilingual book of poetry RU/LV, published by Valters Dakša imprint, Riga, Latvia

    2019 GREED АЛЧНОСТЬ/ALKATĪBA bilingual book of poetry in RU/LV, published by Valters Dakša imprint, Riga, Latvia

    2018 BOOKS TO FALL FOR series, selected texts in English, published by Latvian literature institute for London book fair 2018 

    2015 MACBETH tape mini book, Kiev, Ukraine

    2014 PROZA/ ПРОЗА Latvian contemporary short prose compilation (RU/LV), published by Orbita, Riga, Latvia

    2014 PLASMA poetry book in EST and ENG, published by PARANOIA (EE)

    2013 TRANSFERS - bilingual book of poetry (RU/LV) published by Orbita, Riga, Latvia - Latvian Literary Prize of the Year nomination as a "Brightest debut"

  7. Awards / nominations:

    2022 - book Naivete nominated for best design for LV book design Zelta ābele award

    2020 - long-listed for Poesia poetry prize, Russia

    2019 - Shortlisted for Latvian days of Poetry Prize for book "GREED/ALKATĪBA"

    2017 - Longlisted for Latvian Purvitis Art Prize for performance with Ieva Balode GLORY SONG at festival Process, Riga

    2015 - Annual independent Russian literary prize "Debut" - special mention of the jury, longlisted for selection of poems

    2014 - Annual Latvian Literary Award for Best Debut nomination - for TRANSFERS - bilingual book of poetry (RU/LV) published by Orbita, Riga, Latvia

    2014 - Annual Latvian Literary Award for Delfi Readers' Choice Award nomination

    2014 - Annual independent Russian literary prize "Debut" - longlisted for selection of poems

  8. Discography:

    2024 ENTRANCE TO HADES (with Alexei Borisov) on Pan y Rosas dyscos (US)

    2023 (C)Ovid metamorphoses project, curated by Bendt Herzogenrath (DE)

    2023 Album of remixes for Travis Johnson (US)

    2023 RIFT compilation to support victims of earthquakes

    2023 THE DREAM OF HANS CASTORP, album, HEM Archive (DE)

    2022 BLINDNESS, album, self-released on Bandcamp

    2022 IFAR compilation Cauldron Deep Aesthetics (UK)

    2022 BRIGHTNESS EXPLOSION AFTER DARKNESS, collaboration with Alexei Borisov (RU)

    2022 NAIVETE soundtrack for the book Naivete, self-released on Bandcamp

    2021 PERFECT LANGUAGE music for exhibition, self-released on Bandcamp

    2021 EVERYTHING AWAITS WHITENESS, collaboration album with Alexei Borisov (RU), released by Noise Margin label (CZ)

    2021 SEXUAL CAPITAL music for performance, self-released on Bandcamp

    2021 "Muses & Sirens" compilation of experimental female composers, 1tracktape records, Greece

    2020 When The World Was In Chaos V​.​A. Black Leather Records, Belgium, compilation

    2020 ATTN​:​SPAN compilation, 10 seconds composition, UK

    2020 BARDO THODOL (Eliane Radigue tribute), album

    2019 split with Jeritan at Indonesian label

    2019 Nostress Netlabel Anniversary compilation vol.8

    2018 OBLIVION RIVERS album with Alexei Borisov (RU) and Yuri Yaremchuk (UA/RU)

    2018 Die Ursprünge album with Leo Lobrev (UK/LV), Cruel Nature records (UK)

    2018 FULL CYCLE OF SONGS project for Reina Sofia museum, Madrid, Spain

    2018 split on Watch Pineapple Press recs (Indonesia)

    2018 FOR GHOSTS album by Alexei Borisov/ Katya Rekk/ Jelena Glazova on Ton doigt dans mon cul Netlabel (Canada)

    2018 HEADLESS VENUS album with ASTMA (DE/RU) on Zeromoon label (US)

    2018 SHINING UNDER THE SKIN Jelena Glazova/ Georgy Zolotarev (RU) cassette/CD split release at Delta Shock recs (Ukraine)


    2018 THE MALADY OF DEATH solo album on Pan y Rosas Discos recs (Chicago, US)

    2018 Ilia Belorukov (RU)/ Jelena Glazova split tape release on Hyster tapes (Finland)

    2018 IFAR compilation dedicated to Radio Frequences (UK)

    2017 IFAR compilation Pour Pierre Henry (UK)

    2017 Eternal Turns label compilation "intelkinetix" (RU)

    2017 Jelena Glazova/ Marta Smilga split tape, Liminal Noise (UK)

    2017 tape release of Medea's Disco w/ ASTMA (RU/DE) on Freak Friendly diy (Ukraine)

    2017 Distant Light, Super Marquee duo tape w/ Jonas Van den Bossche (BE) on Trash Can Dance (EE)

    2017 tape release of Idiot's Gold duo album with ASTMA (RU/DE) on Freak Friendly diy (Ukraine)

    2016 Bergegas Mati x Jelena Glazova - split CD on Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia)

    2016 MEDEA'S DISCO - album in collaboration with ASTMA (RU/DE)

    2016 Split release w/Alexei Borisov/ Ilia Belorukov and Sergey Kostyrko (RU) Pilot Eleven netlabel (UK)

    2016 ALBUM OF DUOS 2013-2016 with Platons Buravickis (LV)

    2016 ALBUM OF REMIXES on Alexander Zaitsev (RU)

    2016 IDIOT'S GOLD album in collaboration w/ ASTMA (RU/DE)

    2016 Nostress Netlabel (IT) anniversary compilation vol. 5, track "Decomposed remix" to Coaxil's "Stateless" (RU)

    2015 IFAR Musique concrete compilation, track "1000-eyed body shining in darkness" (UK)

    2015 Jelena Glazova ALBUM OF DUOS feat. Edgars Rubenis(LV/NL), Peter Kirn(US/DE), ::vtol::(RU), Alexei Borisov (RU), Platon Buravicky (LV), Kiwa Noid (EE), Vladimir Luchansky (RU), Matthias Kampf (AT) 

    2015 Jelena Glazova/ Alexander Markvart, live at Chosmky, Akt Produkt, RU

    2015 Nostress Netlabel Anniversary compilation vol.4. - "Everything becomes white" track (IT)

    2015 Bergegas Mati x Jelena Glazova - spoken word compilation CD on Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia)

    2015 Jelena Glazova/ Grigory Avrorin tape release on SPINA rec (Russia)

    2014 Alexey Borisov and Jelena Glazova live at Chomsky, Riga, March 2014, Gramola Netlabel (Spain)

    2014 Alexander Zaitsev and Jelena Glazova live at Taiga, SPb, Apr 2014, Nostress Netlabel (IT)

    2014 Ilia Belorukov/ Jelena Glazova split tape release Steak Au Zoo records (FR)

    2014 MACBETH - Alexei Borisov / Jelena Glazova album, September

    2014 PLASMA soundtrack for the book, May 2014

    2014 Borisov/Elektronoizov/Garcia/Glazova/Kiwa/Lopez Moscow sessions, recorded June 2013, tape release

    2014 John Cage compilation, track "16 voices resonating", IFAR (UK)

    2014 Borisov/ Glazova/ Markvart live recording, (RU)

    2014 Nostress Netlabel compilation - 3 (IT)

    2014 IFAR Noise Compiation 3, IFAR (UK)

    2014 Alexei Borisov/ Jelena Glazova Live at Erarta, Saint Petersburg, Nostress Netlabel (IT)

    2013 1 Minute Autohypnosis Disc 18 compilation, Mute Sound (ES)

    2013 Women in Experimental Music compilation "Elles" by Sillage Intemporel

    2013 Edgars Rubenis/Ilia Belorukov & Jelena Glazova - split tape release, Quasi pop rec. (UA)

    2013 Jelena Glazova / Wozzeck split tape release, Obsedante! (CZ)

    2013 IFAR Musique Concrete Start Anywhere compilation

    2013 IFAR Musique Concrete Cognitive Dissonance compilation

    2013 Classwar Karaoke compilation 0022 survey

    2013 PLUS, w/ Alexei Borisov/ Sergey Filatov, MAV records (IT)

    2013 LIVE AT CHOMSKY,w/ Alexei Borisov, Electronic Musik (UK)

    2013 2 YEARS OF ILSE, compilation, Ilse Music (US)

    2013 RED MATERIAL, album

    2013 LIVES SELECTION 2012-2013, album

    2012 FURNITURE KARAOKE, installation soundtrack


    2012 SHE CLONES HERSELF, album, music for media poem

    2012 EMPTY ROOM, installation soundtrack

    2012 A BREATHING SHADOW, album

    2011 A MAN ENTERS A GREY CUBE, album, music for exhibition

  9. Residencies:

    2018 Guest composer in collaboration w/ Alexander Zaitsev, New Holland, Saint Petersburg, December

    2017 Guest composer in collaboration w/ Mikhail Myasoedov (Brinstaar), Come-In cultural centre, Moscow, April

    2014 Guest composer at EMS, Stockholm, April

    2013 Sound art residency at WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands, March

    2013 Guest composer at EMS, Stockholm, January

    2012/2013 Sound art residency at MoKs, Mooste, Estonia, December-January

    2011/2012 Sound art residency w/ Derek Holzer at MoKs, Mooste, Estonia, December-January

  10. Selected projects/performances/festivals:

    2024 Page Break poetry festival in Jelgava, Latvia, April

    2024 What is feminism? readings and discussion in Novaya Riga, Riga, March

    2023 WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP performance with Ilze Pavāre, Aleponija, Riga, December

    2023 Sound Word Almanac - included in encyclipedia on sonic art, Bloomsbury Publishing

    2023 live with Robert Fleitz (US) at TUR gallery, Riga

    2023 WEIGHTLESS STATE performance with Ieva Viese, at Aleponija, Riga, August

    2023 BLACK ORGASM performance with Ilze Pavāre, at Aleponija, Riga, August

    2023 MUTATING IDENTITIES performance with Māra Ulme at performance festival Starptelpa, Riga, June

    2023 MUTATING IDENTITIES performance with Māra Ulme at Biotransformācijas performance cycle, Riga, June

    2023 Photomonth festival, guiding tour on AI interperetation of Latvian literature, Riga, May

    2022 poetry/sound performance at Crazy Tartu poetry festival, Tartu, Estonia

    2022 performance DREAM OF A DOPPELGANGER with Ilze Pavāre, Aleponija, Riga

    2022 performance BLINDNESS with Ilze Pavāre at Dzejas Dienas festival opening, NOASS, Riga, September

    2022 live in a duo with Marcik Butler (Dudna), Contemporary Thursdays evets cycle, Titandobže arts centre, Riga, August

    2022 performance with Ilze Pavāre DANAE, gallery MASA, July

    2022 live at Totaldobže art centre, with Marcik Butler (Dubna), visuals by Kimberley Bianca (Disaster Girl), Riga, June

    2022 live with Platons Buravickis at Tu jau zini kur (Tallinas kvartals), Riga, May

    2022 set GOD APPLIES LIPSTICK or Lithuanian radio Klasika, April

    2022 live at anniversary event at Progress, Riga, April

    2022 video ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE in anti war project Peace 2022, curated by FI artist Josef Ka, Finland, Poland, March-April

    2022 live sound art/poetry performance, GREED book presentation at Kis Preshaz literary cafe, Budapest, Hungary, March

    2022 live of a duo with Platon Buravicky, Aleponija, Riga, March

    2022 live set at Radio Naba, February

    2022 performance with Anna Štefane NAIVETE/ duo with composer Platon Buravicky for book opening at Progress, Riga, February

    2021 performance for New Year's eve at Progress, Riga, December

    2021 perofrmance with Mischa Foster Poole, European Poetry Festival, London, UK - November

    2021 special performance (sound and text) for Wittgenstein's 100 years of Tractatus celebration, for philosophers club, Sodas2123, Vilnius, Lithuania, November

    2021 performance DICTATORSHIP OF POETRY during Poetry Days festival, with Eriks Naivo at Smilka gallery, Riga, September

    2021 live to NON GRATA performance, Diverse Universe festival, Parnu, Estonia, July

    2021 PERFECT LANGUAGE performance with Anna Štefane, exhibition opening at Alksnajs gallery, July

    2021 SEXUAL CAPITAL performance with Anna Štefane, Starptelpa Performance festival, June

    2021 MAGNIFICENT BODY OF GOD video work commissioned by British Council Latvia, for Inequality discussion cyce, April

    2021 WebSynradio (FR) programme with my selection, March- April

    2021 C(Ovid) Metamorphoses March edition - project curated by Bernd Herzogenrath (Germany), March

    2021 Radio Naba ambient-noise online live with poetry, March

    2020 NU Performance festival, "Greed" performance, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn, November

    2020 live at opening of exhibition "I love words and this is very unhealthy" at Alksnājs residency, Riga, November

    2020 online live for Epicentroom festival, Sound Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia, October

    2020 live at XAW series event/ Matters. Platform for industrial culture, Kaunas, Lithuania, August

    2020 live at Diverse Universe /Printmaking IN festival, Parnu Artists house, Parnu, Estonia, August

    2020 live from Great Amber concert hall roof - Cosmic electronica on the roof, Liepaja, Latvia, June

    2020 live set with sci-fi poetry at Arsenāls exhibition hall of Latvian National Museum of Art, at Unexpected Encounters exhibition, Riga, January

    2020 live set with poetry at Latvian contemporary art centre annual gathering, Riga, January

    2019 live set with Aleksander Aleksandrov, Aleponija, Riga, December

    2019 live set with Leo Lobrev at Big guild, White night festival, Riga, September

    2019 live set at Katarsis, Kaliningrad, Russia, August

    2019 live set at Noiseroom, Sound museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July

    2019 live set an Studio 9, Moscow, Russia, May

    2019 live set with Alexander Zaitsev, Dune club, Saint Petersburg, Russia, April

    2019 Live set with Leo Lobrev, presentation of album Die Ursprünge, KKC, Riga, Latvia, March

    2018 DJ set at SURVIVAL KIT contemporary art festival opening, Riga circus, Riga, Latvia, September

    2018 live at BOZAR - SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Contemporary art scenes in Europe exhibition finissage, Brussels, Belgium, 16 August 2018

    2018 artist talk and performance at National Contemporary Art Centre, Kaliningrad, Russia, August 2018

    2018 sound piece FULL CYCLE OF SONGS / series of visuals ERASED SONG/ ERASED LANDSCAPE for radio of REINA SOFIA Museum (Madrid, Spain)

    2018 Performance NEBULA WITHIN with Vika Eksta at Riga Performance fesitval, Riga, 17 June 2018

    2018 Performance GOD APPLIES LIPSTICK at Riga Photomonth exhibition opening "Wool and Silk. The New Erotic" together w/ Ieva Balode (expanded cinema projection), Latvian museum of photography, Riga, May 2018

    2018 Live at festival of improvised music in Berlin, Petersburg art space Berlin, May 2018

    2018 Live at Kyiv Noise Festival, Plivka, April 2018

    2018 Live at Sound Museum, Saint Petersburg, April 2018

    2018 Live at Sonic Tea IV experimental music event series in Moscow, March 2018

    2017 Live "SPEECH ISLANDS" at "SOUNDWAVES" night concert for "Fishing for Islands" event at HAMBURGER BAHNHOF museum of modern art, Berlin, organized by TBA21-Academy, October 2017

    2017 "STORY OF UNBORN LIGHT - I" sound piece w/ Leonids Lobrevs with video installation at Zirgu pasts, White night contemporary art forum, Riga, September 2017

    2017 Live at Sound Art Lab, National contemporary art centre, Kaliningrad, August 2017

    2017 Live at ProtoArt festival of improvised arts, Saint Petersburg, July 2017

    2017 Live at Avant Art festival (Poland) in Riga, July 2017

    2017 Live at UNDER festival of electronic music, Riga, former VEF factory territory, May 2017

    2017 Live at MIM stuudio, Tallinn, Estonia, May 2017

    2017 Live at Kulturnatt art festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2017

    2017 Live at Sound Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 2017

    2017 Live at Ground zine fest, Ground gallery, Moscow, Russia, April 2017

    2017 Live at Process festival of experimental cinema, March 2017

    2017 Live at Kyiv Poetry week opening night, Kyiv, Ukraine, March 2017

    2016 Live at Kolonia Artystow gallery, DroneNoiseAmbient nights, Gdansk (PL), December 2016

    2016 Live at SoundArtLab, Fields of Flowers exhibition at NCCA gallery, Kaliningrad, December 2016

    2016 Parnassius Mnemosyne performance w/ Ieva Balode (live cinema visuals) at KGB house, Riga, for White night contemporary art forum, September 2016

    2016 "GAP BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE (PT 1)" - video installation for a music piece with Leonids Lobrevs, video Roberts Rubins - at Zirgu pasts, White night contemporary art forum, Riga, september 2016

    2016 Live at night concert at Kaliningrad cathedral, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2016 Live at Sound Art Lab festival, Art Gates, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2016 Live at Anglican church, Churches' night, Riga, Latvia

    2016 Live at Kierkegaard's readings, KKC, Riga, Latvia

    2016 NE MIR exhibition opening, poetry/ sound performance w/ Max Stropov (RU), Bolderāja, Riga, Latvia

    2016 live duo w/ Krists Auznieks (US/LV), KKC, Riga, Latvia

    2015 Poetronica-2015 festival, as sound artist and poet, Moscow, Russia

    2015 Victims of Multitasking, multimedia poetry performance in collaboration w/ Artūrs Punte, Dzejas Dienas/ Poetry Days festival, Riga, Latvia

    2015 live w/ ASTMA (Alexey Borisov (RU), Olga Nosova(DE)), Chomsky, Riga, Latvia

    2015 live at Signals From Outside, Peyote, Istanbul, Turkey

    2015 live at Noiseistanbul, Dunia, Istanbul, Turkey

    2015 live at NIU art space, Barcelona, Spain

    2015 live w/Grigory Avrorin at Spina records fest, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    2015 live duo w/ Peter Kirn (US/DE), KKC, Riga, Latvia

    2014 live duo w/ Alexander Markvart (RU), Chomsky, Riga, Latvia

    2014 Invisible Scapes – The sonic terrain of field recording symposium, Vienna Art Academy, Austria

    2014 Vienna Artweek opening, Dimentions Variable festival, Mo.e, Vienna, Austria

    2014 live w/ Matthias Kampf, Drama Graz theatre, Graz, Austria

    2014 FULLDOZER festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    2014 live duo w/ ::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov, Aristīds, Riga, Latvia

    2014 live duo w/ Edgars Rubenis, Dzejnieka asinis festival, Riga, Latvia

    2014 "The state of mushroom is near" compilation book published by ;paranoia, Estonia, August

    2014 Doomsday performance, Erarta museum of contemporary art, Saint Petersburg, July

    2014 NOISE & FURY festival, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Saint Petersburg, June

    2014 Plasma book launch tour, Cabaret Derrida events, Prima Vista literary festival, Tallinn - Tartu, Estonia, 9-10th May

    2014 Tornemi Videoart Internacional festival, Barcelona, Spain, 25-27th of April

    2014 Live at Experimental sound gallery-21, solo and duo w/Vladimir Luchansky, Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 19

    2014 Live at Taiga, w/Alexander Zaitsev, Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 17

    2014 Live at Third Space gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 5 April

    2014 Live with Alexei Borisov and trio with Borisov and Markvart, Chomsky, Riga, March 05

    2014 Live w/Zane Raudina visuals, KUMU art museum auditorium, Tallinn, Estonia, January 11

    2013 Live with Alexei Borisov, Erarta contemporary art museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 9

    2013 Improvised set with Dmitry Shubin, ESG-21, Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 8

    2013 Live w/Zane Raudina, Literature and Music Museum, Riga, October 16

    2013 Riga poetry map, w/Platons Buravickis, NOASS, Riga, September 15

    2013 Live w/Zane Raudina, Polymer festival, Tallinn, Estonia, August 25

    2013 Solo and improvised set with Danil Akimov, NCCA gallery space, Kaliningrad, Russia, August 16

    2013 Live w/Zane Raudina, Waterpieces festival, Betanovus, Riga, August 15

    2013 Live w/Zane Raudina visuals and improvised set with Alexey Pliousnine, Blacksmith's workshop at Karl Marx factory, Saint Petersbourg, August 11

    2013 Live noise improvisation/ texts with Arturs Punte (Orbita) at Word Vibration stage, the Freeport of Riga festival, Riga, July 26

    2013 Live at Noise and Fury festival, Moscow, Russia, June 20

    2013 MuseRuole, Women in Experimental music project, Bolzano, Italy, June

    2013 Live at Sound Around Kaliningrad festival, Kalininrad, Russia, June 8

    2013 Live at Fylkingen with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Stockholm, Sweden, April 13

    2013 Live at Wonderwerp with Erwin van Deutekom visuals, Studio Loos, The Hague, Netherlands, March 28

    2013 Live at ExperiMontag with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany, March 11

    2013 Live at Art's Birthday electronic music festival at Sodra Teatern with a broadcast by Swedish Radio P2, Stockholm, Sweden, January 12

    2013 Live noise improvisation session with Alexei Borisov (RU), Chomsky, Riga, January 5

    2013 Curating/reading poetry at Avant-Left international poetry festival, Vieta, Riga, January 3

    2012 Group exhibition of Latvian contemporary photography, Rādītprieks, Kalnciema kvartāls gallery, December

    2012 Live at Skaņu mežs (Sound Forest) festival anniversary final event with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Anglican church, Riga, Latvia, November 29

    2012 Live collaboration - noise improvisation with Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone) (CAN), Chomsky, Riga, Latvia, November 3

    2012 Live at Skaņu mežs (Sound Forest) festival with Latvian poet Edvīns Raups, Latvian Radio Studio 1, Riga, Latvia, October 6

    2012 Live at Vilnius Noise Week, concert dedicated to John Cage's 100th birthday, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 5

    2012 Live at Skaņu mežs (Sound Forest) festival event at Nauda with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Riga, Latvia, September 1

    2012 Live at Waterpieces video festival with Zane Raudiņa visuals, Riga, Latvia, August 16

    2012 Live at Ptarmigan, Tallinn, August 10

    2012 Live performance at experimental music and sound art festival Sound Around Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Russia, May 26

    2012 Live collaboration - noise improvisation with Derek Holzer(US/DE), Taka, Riga, Latvia, March 16

    2011 Photophobia III, video art project, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2011 CologneOFF video festival, Cologne, Germany

    2010 Henk 24 Hours video festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    2010 Waterpieces video festival, Riga, Latvia

    2009 Abandon Normal Devices video festival, Liverpool, UK

  11. Curatorial activities:

    2023 curating series of performances BIOTRANSFORMATIONS, location bar 1983

    2022 curating series of literary events UNUSUAL LITERATURE for Kanepes kulturas centrs

    2022 International festival of contemporary poetry POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS - August

    2022 Editor-in-chief (together with writer Andris Alps) of literary newspaper "Avīzes nosaukums"(Newspaper title), theme of "Togetherness" July number

    2021 Blood of a Poet experimental events with poetry readings and performances on Clubhouse platform - February - March

    2020 International festival of contemporary poetry POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS festival, online festival Riga - Saint Petersburg - Peking, December

    2020 ATD Young Poets Prize - role of Nominator, Saint Petersburg-Moscow, Russia, September

    2020 AFTER HUMAN readings, young Latvian authors readings, Aleponija, Riga, January

    2019 International festival of contemporary poetry POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS festival, KKC, Riga, June 2019

    2018 TOTAL MYTHOLOGY young authors readings, Aleponija, Riga, November 2018

    2018 TRANSLIT (RU) magazine presentation, readings, lectures, performances, Bolderaja, Riga, November

    2018 International festival of contemporary poetry POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS festival, KKC, Riga, June 2018

    2018 TRANSLIT (RU) magazine presentation, readings, lectures, performances, Bolderaja, Riga, January

    2017 FINGERPRINT ERRORS young Latvian authors readings, gallery Micēlijs, Riga, November 2017

    2017 POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS festival with Dmitry Kuzmin (RU/LV), KKC, Riga, June 2017

    2017 LOST IN INTERFACE Latvian all-female authors poetry readings, Aleponija, Riga, February 2017

    2016 PARNASSIUS MNEMOSYNE live cinema/ music/ poetry project at former KGB house in Riga (Stūra māja) - organisation, curator for poetry part, White night contemporary art forum Riga, September 2016

    2016 International festival of contemporary poetry Dzejnieka asinis/ BLOOD OF A POET, Riga, June 2016

    2016 TRANSLIT (RU) magazine presentation, readings, lectures, performances, Bolderaja, Riga, May

    2016 readings in support of Ashraf Fayadh, co-organised w/ Literature without borders, Riga, January 2016

    2015 International festival of contemporary poetry Dzejnieka asinis/ BLOOD OF A POET, Riga, June 2015

    2014 International festival of contemporary poetry Dzejnieka asinis/ BLOOS OF A POET, Riga - May, August, December 2014

    2013 Contemporary poetry from Russia/ Latvia readings, KKC, Riga

    2013 Avant-Left international poetry festival Riga event, Vieta, Riga

  12. Selected poetry publications/ poetry festivals:

    2024 poems in Latvian in magazine Strāva, Latvia, May

    2024 poems in Page Break fesitval anthology Empathy, Latvia, April

    2024 poems in Ukrainiam at (translated by Sergo Mushtatov), April

    2024 video reading for Yerevan balcony videoblog, March

    2023 poems in Latvian, Punctum magazine, December

    2023 poems in Latvian, Satori magazine, November

    2023 included in Feminist poetry anthology curated by Galina Rymbu, May

    2023 poems in Latvian, Satori magazine, April

    2023 poems in Latvian, Punctum magazine, March

    2023 poem in Avīzes nosaukums (Newspaper title) literary newspaper, January

    2022 long poem Blindness in literary magazine Žoklis, October

    2022 poems selection in Latvian translated by Einārs Pelšs, Punctum magazine, August

    2022 poems selection in Latvian translated by Einārs Pelšs, Satori portal, August

    2022 poem for Avīzes nosaukums (Newspaper title) literary newspaper, July

    2022 reading in support of Ukraine, Noass, Riga, May

    2022 reading at EXODUS exhibition, Tallinas kvartals, Riga, April

    2022 reading in support of Ukraine, Latvian Museum of Decorative art, Riga, April

    2022 long poem in Latvian, translated by Einārs Pelšs, Punctum magazine, March

    2021 poem on violence, publication in Punctum magazine, December

    2021 poems "Communist body/ Capitalist body" on Polutona portal, December

    2021 selected poems "Nature ends here" for Polutona portal, November

    2021 selected poems "human with surname universe", Domuzīme magazine, Riga, October

    2021 "Fear of wrongful conviction" poems in the Calver Journal, UK, October

    2021 poem "Dictatorship of Poetry" on, September

    2021 poems in Riga almanac, September

    2021 poems in anthology «Przewodnik po zaminowanym terenie» (Guide for mined territory), Poland, September

    2021 Satori creative writing summer camp reading, topic "Fear", August

    2021 Erotic poems selection in Domuzīme magazine, Riga, June

    2021 readings for Lars von Trier tribute, organised by Poryadok Slov bookstore, Moscow-Saint Petersburg and online, May

    2021 selected poems publication on portal, May

    2021 selected poems publication on Russian portal, May

    2021 selected poems translated by Einārs Pelšs, published in Punctum magazine, Riga, April

    2021 selected poems translated by Einārs Pelšs, published in Satori magazine, Riga, April

    2021 Female poetry: space and time project, readings by female poets by Sverdlovsk district library, Russia, March

    2021 Blood of a poet room readings on Clubhouse during the week, February

    2021 Feminist writing festival - poetry readings, March

    2021 Feminist poetry anthology - selected texts published, upcoming

    2021 selected poems at Russian portal, February

    2021 selected poems read for Erotic poetry reading by LV female poets, February

    2021 commissioned poem for project "На языке тишины" (In language of silence) dedicated to def and blind people, RU, January

    2020 selected poems at Russian portal, December

    2020 selected poems at Russian portal, October

    2020 selected poems translated by Einārs Pelšs, published in Punctum magazine, Riga, October

    2020 selected poems in Russian magazine "Vozdukh" No.40, Moscow, July

    2020 selected poems at Russian portal, July

    2020 selected poems in English and Russian in German magazine Ariel-Art, July

    2020 selected poems translated by Arvis Viguls in LV, published in Satori magazine, Riga, May

    2020 selected poems translated in LV by Arvis Viguls, published in Punctum magazine, Riga, January

    2020 selected poems at Russian portal, January

    2019 selected poems at Russian portal, November

    2019 Latvian Poetry Days reading, Latvian National library, Riga, September

    2019 Tartu Baltic ring literary festival - poetry readings, report on contemporary poetry in Latvia, Tartu, Estonia, March

    2019 LADYFEST opening poetry readings, Riga, Latvia, March

    2019 selected poems published at portal, January

    2018 selected poems published at poetry portal, October

    2018 Aspazija Rainis Reloaded - finishing Rainis' poem Pieta, collection of poems finishing Aspazija's and Rainis' works by contemporary Latvian poets - Latvian Poetry Days festival, September 2018

    2018 NOSOROG literary magazine (Moscow) - September 2018

    2018 Helikopter Polish poetry magazine

    2018 Queer poetry collection "UNDER THE SAME COVER" published in Kazakhstan, April 2018

    2018 Aspazija's birthday event at Rainis and Aspazija museum, poetry reading, March 2018

    2017, selected poems publication, December 2017

    2017 Punctum magazine, poetry translated into LV (by Arvis Viguls), October 2017

    2017 Poetry without borders festival, participating poet, Riga, June 2017

    2016 Punctum magazine, poetry translated into LV (by Einārs Pelšs)

    2016 Free verse poetry festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    2016 Vozdukh No.1/16, poetry publication, Moscow, Russia

    2015 poetic anthology "Поперек кадра"

    2015 Dzejas Dienas/ Poetry Days participation, Riga, Latvia

    2015 poetic anthology "Не тренер деревьев"

    2015 Vozdukh No.1-2/15, Toms Treibergs poetry translations, Moscow, Russia

    2014 Riga Poetry Map final concert, Paranoia showcase, Riga, Latvia

    2014 Dzejas Dienas/ Poetry Days participation, Riga, Latvia

    2014 Slowwwo literary festival, Kaliningrad, Russia, August

    2014 Ryazan poetry festival, Ryazan, Russia, August

    2014 Pushkin lab poetry fesival, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Russia, June

    2014 publications of texts in RU, Estonia

    2014 publication of texts in Estonian, Estonia

    2014 Literary festival Prima Vista, Tartu, Estonia

    2014 Latvian Literary Prize of the Year nominees readings, Riga

    2014 poetry performance w/Eriks Naivo, Chomsky, Riga

    2014 Vozdukh poetry magazine No. 1/14, texts publication, Moscow, Russia

    2013, texts publication, Russia

    2013 Translations of Toms Treibers and Ivars Steinbergs poems done for KKC poetry event, Riga, Latvia

    2013 Riga poerty map project, performance, Riga, Latvia

    2013 White night programme, text installation, video projection by Wickiss, Riga, Latvia

    2013 Bronhoteka readings, Nabaklab, Riga, Latvia

    2013 Slowwwo international poetry festival, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2013 Vozdukh No.1-2/13, Henriks Eliass Zegners poetry translations, Moscow, Russia

    2013 Chereda prizemleniy, Avant-Left-2013 compilation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

    2013 Joulukkuu 11/12, Henriikka Tavi book project, Helsinki, Finland

    2013 Avant-Left international poetry festival, Riga, Latvia

    2012 Riga poetry map, installation using poetic text, Riga, Latvia

    2011 Yale University lecture by Ernesto Estrella, video poetry, Yale, USA

    2011 Slowwwo poetry festival, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2011 Word in Motion video poetry festival, Riga, Latvia

    2011 Sound poetry performance with Ernesto Estrella(ES/US), KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia

    2011 publication, Russia

    2010, video poems, Finland

    2010 Slowwwo international poetry festival, Kaliningrad, Russia

    2010 Meridian Chernowitz, international poetry festival, Chernowitz, Ukraine

    2009, Latvia

  13. As a critic/ cultural observer:

    2017 Regular publications on exhibitions and cultural activites abroad: portal

    2014 - now Publications on cultural activities in literary philosophical magazine

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